Blueprints enables faculty and staff to effectively manage the difficult and confusing responses of students with behavioral challenges. We help schools arrange environments where all students can learn and succeed.

Conventional discipline strategies that work for typical children/teens, are rarely effective with children who have defiant and oppositional behavior. You may have noticed that for these students, often talented and valued members of your community, the school discipline program can make behaviors worse.

We know that if challenging students could behave appropriately, most would. These challenging children and teens lack critical social-emotional, executive function and/or adaptive behavior skills that enable them to be engaging, productive learners in a classroom setting.

Blueprints works with schools to help staff:

Our approach works well for students with any behavioral challenges, including individuals with a diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, OCD, Autism or Anxiety Disorders.

How we help

Blueprints implements customized program that focus on the needs of your school, your student population and your teachers. Models include:

Our programs generally include the following training components:

Understanding Students with Behavioral Challenges:

We will provide an overview of the research on brain development, learning disabilities and behavioral strategies & tactics. School staff will learn about the specific skills required to enable students to behave appropriately at school, and why the rate of challenging behavior can increase when traditional methods are used with students who lack these skills.

Behavioral Teaching and Support Methods:

Blueprints will lead your team through the different modalities used to teach critical skills lacking in students with challenging behavior. Sometimes these skills need to be taught much like skills are taught to students with traditional learning disabilities."

"Coaches take the kids into the community and everyone knows them, which I think helps to develop community support and understanding about Autism." —Parent

Oftentimes, students in mainstream classrooms just need additional practice, feedback, and support to master skills that need to be strengthened. Outside resources for student services will be discussed.

Positive Behavior Support Training:

Staff members learn problem-solving techniques that cultivate appropriate behavior and improve interactions while minimizing defiant and oppositional responses. They will learn the best strategies to use when students are losing behavioral control, and appropriate responses to desired behavior.

The next steps

Contact us about the needs of your school. We can together determine if Blueprints aligns with your challenges and goals. Training programs can be arranged nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will we be working with? What are Blueprints credentials?

Our school programs are implemented by professional behavior analyst practitioners credentialed by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. All have extensive experience in consultation and training, intensive individuated support and IEP development. Our team members have worked in public and private school schools as teachers, support staff and administrators.

Is the training useful for faculty working with Special Needs students?

Yes, but the training is valuable for general and gifted student populations as well. Our program will help school staff faced with the behavioral challenges of any student.