Blueprints is passionate about helping people. Our team provides personalized and comprehensive family support. We use proven methods based on the latest brain and behavior research.

Conventional parenting strategies and therapeutic sessions alone are rarely effective in modifying extremely challenging behavior.

Blueprints helps families strengthen relationships by reducing negative parent-child interactions. Children and teens learn more complex self-regulation techniques, adaptive behavior and appropriate social skills.


We know that raising children can be difficult. Raising children with challenging behaviors is different. Parenting strategies that work for typical children, perhaps work with your other children, aren't working with your child who can be volatile, oppositional, impulsive, and even out-of-control.

You may feel as though you've tried everything and more punishment, more rewards, therapy and medication. You might be feeling ineffective, desperate, frightened, angry, blamed, confused, or at the end of your rope. Blueprints can help.

You Are Doing Your Best

Parenting is rarely to blame for children who regularly exhibit challenging, defiant and oppositional behaviors. Parenting children with these challenges requires special knowledge and skills.

Your Child Is Likely Doing His/Her Best

Challenging behaviors are most often the result of deficits in important life skills, including frustration tolerance, flexibility, self-regulation, self-advocacy and perspective taking. Without these skills children can't behave appropriately. Sadly, conventional discipline strategies don't teach these skills and can even make behavior worse.

Working Together, Life Will Get Better

Many parents report that their children behave the worst at home where power struggles, frustration, and negative interactions are commonplace. Blueprints will teach your child new skills, and teach you to cultivate desired behaviors and help extinguish inappropriate ones. Together, your family will learn strategies and communication skills that will improve your lives and make you optimistic about the future. If behavior problems carry over into school or in the community, we will also help implement strategies that will deliver positive results in these environments.

Blueprints helps families create appropriate interactions and positive relationships while individuals build life-long emotional and social skills.

Who We Help

Our clients come to us to improve a variety of challenging behaviors and family dynamics. Challenging behaviors might include defiance, disrespectful actions toward others, screaming and swearing, destruction of property, aggression, or running away. Some clients are underachieving in school, may refuse to attend class, or have academic challenges. Others have experimented with drugs or have been involved in risk-taking activities.

Our services are most appropriate when:

Every family we help is unique. While some of our clients have ADHD, Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, OCD, Autism or Anxiety Disorders, others have no medical diagnosis. Some have been exposed to significant stressors, or have experienced a profound loss.

Blueprints delivers and supports services your child and family may already be accessing or considering, including:

How We Help

Our customized programs often include the following components:

Individual Skill Building

Working one-on-one, we teach and practice the specific skills your child has not yet mastered, while capitalizing on their areas of strength. Material is personalized and relevant. Once skills are learned, results can be seen quickly.

Parent Leadership Training

We teach the specialized skills you need to successfully parent your child with challenging behavior. You'll learn to cultivate appropriate behavior, minimize challenging ones; you'll learn what's best to do when your child is defiant or out of control, and appropriate responses to positive behavior.

Family Coaching

In the context of everyday life, we teach, model and practice respectful interactions and effective problem-solving strategies with your child and your family.

Sibling and Peer Coaching

We help siblings and peers strengthen relationships strained by a history of challenging behavior.

Behavioral Counseling

We address the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have resulted from the negative interactions, situations and consequences related to behavioral challenges.

"I cannot think of anyone else our family would recommend besides Blueprints. They are collaborative, supportive and inclusive. We are lucky to have high quality people who are able to relate." —Parent

The Next Steps

Let's Talk

To learn more about our services and how we can help, please contact us to schedule a phone appointment.


Our initial conversation will determine whether Blueprints services are a good fit for your family. The next step will be to complete an application. Should you need assistance completing the application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Intake Meeting

We meet you, share information, answer questions and determine whether both parties are ready to proceed.

Assessment, Analysis and Program Development

Blueprints will meet and observe your family to learn about your home dynamic, individual challenges and family functioning. We review any reports, administer any needed standardized assessments, conduct interviews, and begin our analysis. This phase concludes with the presentation of a detailed Family-Centered Plan and the assignment of a Blueprints team. Because of the intimate nature of our work, we take great care in assigning personnel that will be the right fit with your child and family.

Program Implementation

We implement a program that will produce meaningful change. We continually collect and analyze data and our team reviews and adjusts the program as needed. Most families work with a Blueprints team member two or more times per week for a period of 9-15 months.

Program Completion

The final phase of our intervention involves developing a strategy for ongoing success. Sometimes our services ramp down until they are no longer needed. Some older clients find success at traditional boarding schools, while others go off to college. Blueprints will help your family and your child identify appropriate options moving forward and prepare you all for continued success.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you assess and work with our family everyone will be on their best behavior so you won't see the challenges we face.

While families are often on their best behavior, we are still able to observe the behaviors, skill deficits and patterns of interaction that create difficulty.

We think our teenager is being manipulative. He is able to behave when he wants to.

We believe that if your child could consistently behave appropriately, he would. Individuals are often able to use less established skills when they need to, especially when highly motivated. Our approach will help strengthen all skill deficiencies and teach you how to encourage positive behaviors.

Why not wilderness, residential treatment or a therapeutic boarding school?

We believe that it is usually possible and preferable to handle interventions at home. Succeeding in a highly-structured therapeutic environment rarely prepares children to succeed once they re-enter their home and school life.

Our child has returned from a therapeutic environment and is back to having behavioral challenges at home.

While your child has mastered skills and can control his/her behavior in a highly structured setting, we teach your child to put these skills to use in the home environment. We work with you and your child in your home to implement strategies that cultivate appropriate behavior and improve communication.

What do services cost and are they covered by insurance?

Services cost less than therapeutic boarding school, but more than DIY programs like "The Total Transformation". Our costs vary depending on the specific services required. As a result of recent health insurance reforms, it's possible some costs may be covered by your health insurance provider.

How do we know this will work?

We have a great track record, and will only take on clients whose challenges and goals align with our services. Our program is highly individualized to solve the specific problems that your child and family are facing. We are happy to provide references.