Our Approach

Blueprints in-home services will improve your life. Children, teens and families learn to control behavior, communicate effectively, solve problems and enjoy time spent together. Our approach is targeted, efficient and results oriented.

We begin by finding out why.

Extremely challenging behaviors are most frequently the result of deficits in the areas of executive function, social-emotional skills and adaptive behavior. We determine precisely which skills are lacking, and assess a range of environmental and family factors that might be contributing to behavioral challenges.

We develop a plan to optimize existing strengths.

We analyze the strengths and challenges of the entire family system. We identify specific areas for growth and build our program around individual and family strengths and values.

We use a wide variety of evidence-based practices.

We don't rely on only one treatment modality. Our integrated services include individual skill-building, parent leadership training, family coaching, sibling and peer coaching, behavioral counseling and educational support and advocacy.